Extreme Hydration Formula PRO


Mix 1/2 tsp into 25oz of water when feeling dehydrated or before exercising. 33 servings per container.



Extreme Hydration, made with Himalayan salt as a primary ingredient, has everything that would be given in IV Myer’s cocktail hydration formula with the dehydrated patient or athlete in mind. The formula is designed to be in sync with nature with a Fibonacci basis for a proper ratio of all the ingredients. Besides sodium (from the Himalayan salt), we added major minerals which compose human sweat for athletes, one of which is potassium–a mineral critical for the working hearts of athletes. We also added unrefined coconut palm sugar to improve absorption in the gut as well as B-vitamins for stimulating mitochondrial function and energy production. Vitamin C is also key for antioxidant protection. And finally, a little organic lemon powder was added for the taste buds. The PRO version has no stevia.


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